The Importance and Benefits of Mineral Water

Water is very essential to all living organisms and the human body. It is needed to stay alive. Every one of your cells, tissues, and organs uses water. To help with temperature regulation. Maintaining bodily functions and keeping hydrated. Water serves as cushions your joints and acts as a lubricant. Drinking water is great to help your health.

Here are some reasons why water is relevant:

  • Water boost energy-water delivers vital nutrients to all cells. Especially muscle cells and postponing muscle fatigue.
  • Water helps in digestion- water aids in abdominal issues and constipation. Water assists to move the digestive process through the system.
  • Water aids weight loss- water assist you to feel full longer. Without adding any extra calories. Eating foods or drinking water with a high water content can be a great help in controlling your weight.
  • Water hydrates skin- water is the best defense against wrinkles and aging in the skin.

There are different types of drinking water, though you may not be able to tell them apart by taste. They include Tap Water, Electrolyte water, Purified water, Distilled water. Alkaline water and premium mineral water or spring water.

Mineral water is also called spring water since it came from natural springs. Mineral water can also be done artificially. By adding salts to aerating it or distilled water. With carbon dioxide to develop more carbonation. Yet, mineral water varies in degrees naturally.

Strangelove is one of the famous Food and Beverage companies online. It is an Australian premium mixer located in Carlton North, Victoria Australia. Which is also a part of the Breweries Industry. They have a total of 100 total employees across all its locations. Was founded in Byron Bay in 2012. They have grown from a single Ginger Beer product to more than 20 unique and eclectic products. Spanning Lo-Cal Sodas, Premium Mixers, and Mineral Water. They are committed to supporting Australian producers. Over 97% of their ingredients are sourced locally.

Mineral Water

The Victoria’s Macedon Ranges where the Premium Australian Mineral Water came from. Various trace mineral profiles make this Australia’s preferred table water.  Now it is still available, in sparkling and sparkling flavored variants.

Some of the Mineral Waters of StrangeLove:

  • Sparkling Mineral Water- 750ml x 12 is their largest mineral water range. It is filled with handcrafted bubbles, artisan, and pristine Australian mineral water.
  • Sparkling Mineral Water- 250ml x 24 lightly sparkling, pristine Australian mineral water. They only use 100% free-range bubbles.
  • Still Mineral Water- 330ml x 24 clean and crisp still mineral water. Blended from two Australian artesian wells.
  • Nectarine Sparkling Water- 330ml x24 all their flavored sparkling waters have no sugar. Without depending on sweeteners such as erythritol or stevia. They have no preservatives and are all-natural.

You can check the site online for more choices of their products.

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