Delicacies From Around The World

Culinary delights from around the world are sure to make anybody’s mouth water. This is true not just for foodies but also for people who eat occasionally. Every country has specialties that cater to its native cuisine. Hence, we must always strive to taste and explore all the delicacies from each and every part of the world.

There are a variety of cuisines that are present in different parts of the world. The entire list is endless with Chinese, Indian, Continental and Thai cuisines being the most popular ones to name a few. Being a global citizen, you must definitely try to taste and savor all the different delicacies from different parts of the world. This will help you get a gastronomic extravaganza that will truly scintillate your taste buds to the fullest. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala is an avid food blogger. He will help you explore the different varieties of street food using his entertaining food blogs.

Let us now start to discuss these global delicacies one by one.

1.     Yoghurt Zucchini Farfalle

This dish consists of boiling pasta and zucchini and then mixing it with a sauce made from yogurt. This unique combination makes it possible for you to savor the pleasant tastes of both. Initially, you may find it weird to have yogurt in a pasta dish, but when you taste it, all your doubts will be put to rest.

2.     Crunchy Tortillas in Black Bean Soup

For making this soup, you need to just mix in black beans, a little bit of crushed onion and a dash of cumin. In the end, you can put in some crispy and crunchy tortillas that will help you get the crackling feeling in your mouth that will always want you asking for more.

3.     Mushroom Chicken Potpie

You can make a complete potpie using rotisserie chicken along with mushrooms. In place of putting the time-consuming puff pastry crust, you can put in white bread with butter to give a new twist to the dish. This will make your potpie delicious and mouth-watering. Read about Sanjay Jhunjhunwala’s take on these culinary delights. He is the CEO of based in Kolkata.

4.     Jumbo Sized Meatballs with Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce is a really spicy and tangy combination that can truly scintillate your taste buds. You can combine it with jumbo-sized meatballs that will definitely be a gastronomic delight. Try this amazing combination once to refresh your love for exotic cuisine.

5.     Fried Eggs with Sherried Mushrooms

Use the Spanish dry sherry Oloroso to sautee mushrooms and onions. Then serve this dish with fried eggs on toast that make for a heavenly combination.

6.     Pound Cake with Peanut Butter

You can combine normal pound cake bought from the store with marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and warm melted chocolate that can be used as a fitting dessert to an appetizing meal. This is especially suitable for those with a penchant for tasting new varieties of sweet dishes that can truly invigorate your senses.

7.     Stew with Chickpeas and Spinach

This dish is native to Seville and is served in almost all the tapas bars there. It consists of chickpeas and spinach and makes for a winning taste. The combination of saffron, raisins and tomato is truly electrifying and come with a burst of flavor. All in all, it makes for a really tasty and delicious taste that can make the bleakest evening come alive.

8.     Tuna Bocadillos

Bocadillos are Spanish sandwiches that are large and thick and are made of whole wheat bread. When served with tuna, they make for a healthy filling meal that is packed with proteins and minerals. Enjoy your bocadillos with tomato ketchup and chili sauce. This will give you the feeling of being on Cloud Nine.

9.     Lemon Pudding Cakes

Lemon pudding cakes consist of an amazing combination of dry and wet ingredients that result in the fine texture getting separated. These pillow-shaped cakelets are packed with Vitamin C that can help to get a taste of gourmet cuisine without being too rich and heavy on the diet.

10.Roasted Chicken Legs with Potatoes

This is a classic combination that rules the roost when it comes to barbecue. All you need to do is add in potatoes and kale when you are roasting the chicken legs in order to get the right taste of the succulent juices. The contrasting combination of fiery chicken along with cool potatoes will definitely leave you with a feeling of wanting to have more. In this way, you taste buds will be amply satiated.

11.Po’Boys with Spicy Pork

Soft baguettes are called po’boys in Louisiana. They are generally filled with either meat or seafood. They are best made with grilled pork patties that are garnished with tomato, garlic, and shallot mayonnaise.

12.Tortilla Espanola

This is one of the most famous dishes in Spain that are found in every Spanish tapa or cafe. It consists of potatoes and eggs wherein the potatoes are present in a much larger quantity than the eggs. Their golden brown color basically comes from the meticulous baking that goes into making it. Tortilla Espanola is also used as a filling for Spanish sandwiched called bocadillos. They really invigorate the palate with their winning combination of ingredients. Finally, we need to mention that this Spanish dish is served as a main course dish in most home kitchens around the length and breadth of the country.

13.Tunisian Chicken with Olives and Carrots

Tunisian cuisine forms a part of the broad umbrella of Middle Eastern cuisine. These cooks slowly cook meats like chicken and mutton in clay pots called as beryans. This is where the word biryani has come from. Tunisian cooks add tagines that are a combination of lemon, garlic, olives, cinnamon, and olives and give a quick and fragrant saute that fortifies the dish with an eclectic burst of flavors. Having this once will truly win over your heart with its dash of succulent flavor. For further reading, you can read Sanjay Jhunjhunwala’s blogs on

Here we present you with 13 of the best delicacies from around the world that will definitely make you smack your lips for a long time to come. Just choose 3 of the best from this list and try them out as soon as you can!

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