5 heart-healthy salmon recipes

I want to have salmon for every meal. This may sound an overrating statement but is practically not. Salmon is one fish that is easiest and fastest to cook and can be served as any meal of the day. It is one of the favorites for every food style. The variety of dishes you can make with salmon is huge. You can try salmon fillet, salmon cake, salmon hot dog, and whatnot. The fact that it has a mild flavor of its own, makes it suitable to mix with every ingredient like vegetables, grains, eggs, ginger, miso, etc. It adds a unique texture to every dish and it tastes amazing in all forms of cooking. Apart from its ability to blend with every platter, it is also loved to be healthy food. Most dieticians and nutritionists would recommend adding salmon to your diet as it keeps you full as well as active with its high omega 3 content. Here are some salmon recipes that are healthy for the heart and taste wonderful.

  • With spinach and baked egg

If you like your breakfast salmon dish cooked rather than smoked, this recipe is exactly what you need. Although it is well suited for breakfast it can be enjoyed in every meal and every day if you prefer so. You need to simply bake your seasoned salmon and top it with egg skillet. The dish takes just ten minutes of preparation and completed in less than half an hour.

  • With grains and cashew puree

A healthy breakfast is not often enough. You need something that is filling at the same time to keep you full, active and energetic for the entire day. You can create a wonderful bowl dish. Begin with a simple seared salmon and cooked grains like brown rice and lentils. Serve it with a rich cashew and cilantro curry. The dish contains plenty of nutrients like omega 3, magnesium, several vitamins, and antioxidants.

  • With caramelized sesame

Once again a seared salmon with well-cooked grains and vegetables can do wonders. You can add some caramelized sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce to satiate your sweet tooth. The presence of whole grains and vegetables makes this salmon dish highly nutritious and the sweetness makes it delicious. In short, it is a well-balanced and well-rounded dish for every meal, especially to be served as an entree.

  • Baked with chili and lime

It is a perfect dish for citrus lovers. It is also a quick and easy recipe. You can be playful with it by adding any vegetable and grain you can find in your kitchen. All you have to do is to marinate the salmon fillet for say twenty minutes and cook it with your favorite vegetables and grains. Cooking everything together helps the vegetables and grains absorb all the flavors and you get a beautiful and luxurious dish that has delight and freshness in each bite.

  • With coconut curry

This is a special Indian-inspired form of salmon that is healthy, easy to cook, and comforting, all at the same time. The salmon is cooked to become tender and flaky and is smeared with rich and flavorful coconut curry sauce. You can balance the richness of flavor by plating it with crunchy zucchini noodles.

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