The beautiful taste of Thailand  

Thai food has increased in popularity over the last few years and people throughout the United Kingdom regularly enjoy the dishes in Thai restaurants and take-away’s during the year. Professional chefs who are experienced in this type of cuisine will work away in the kitchen on commercial 4 burner gas oven style set ups similar to those you can find on

Here are some of the top Thai dishes you may want to try:

This dish produces aromas distinctive to Thai cuisine. This is a classic soup made from a mix of lemongrass, chili, shallots, lime juice and leaves, galangal and fish sauce along with fresh prawns and mushrooms. The dish is often served as a starter alongside any kind of main dish. If you are a seafood lover, it is definitely one that you should try.

  • Tom Kha Kai – Chicken in Coconut Soup

A dish that combines chillies, shallots, lemongrass and strips of chicken in a coconut milk-based sauce. This coconut sauce helps to balance out the fiery notes of the chillies. The soup is finished off with a slice of lime and a few lime leaves to add a fresh dimension.

  • Gaeng Daeng – Red Curry

This Thai red curry-based dish that is made with the meat of your choice combines red curry paste, coconut milk and is usually finished off with some sliced kaffir lime leaves. The combination of ingredients produces a mild and fragrant dish with a rich and sweet aroma.

  • Pad Thai – Thai Style Fried Noodles

These noodles have become one of the most internationally recognised Thai dishes. Noodles, beansprouts, onion and egg are added to a steaming hot wok for just a short amount of time. Often served with prawns and a delectable condiment sauce of fish sauce, sugar, chilli powder and where appropriate ground peanuts.

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  • Khao Pad – Fried Rice

The Thai take on fried rice is a simple but flavoursome dish of rice, egg, onion and herbs. It is often served as a lunch option with some lime wedges and slices of cucumber. Khai Pad is used as a base dish for you to add whatever additional elements you wish, whether this includes prawns, chicken or even left-over vegetables.

  • Yam Nua – Spicy Beef Salad

If Beef is your go-to meat of choice, then this dish is one for you. It is a mixture of onion, coriander, spearmint dried chillies, lime and strips of beef. It is definitely a dish to enjoy in the late summer evening months.


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