Locating the Best Seafood Restaurant

If you were to begin looking for one of your favorite restaurants in the town you live what would the criteria be to find one? In other words, would you know you were in your favorite restaurant if you were already a customer? Every restaurant lover may have different criteria, such as 1,2 or 3 three-star restaurant.

Best Service

Take for example if you wanted to find your perfect seafood restaurant and one of the criteria you would expect is that it served crabs, but not only crabs, but an assortment of crabs: blue, snow, and Dungeness crab. At first you would think that it is not only the fine assortment of crabs, shrimp, squids, and eel, but also one of the criteria would be the manner in which you were treated at the restaurant. It is hard to enjoy a good meal if the atmosphere is lousy. Most restaurant-goers feel safer when a restaurant is awarded it meets specific government standards.

Best Presentation

Another criterion for the best seafood restaurant would be the way in which the food was presented; that is, not on paper plates, but fine dining plates and silver wear. Enough people who eat at fast food restaurants would know the difference between plastic spoons and forks and silverware, which is polished and cleaned to perfection. Consumers are aware of the need that handling seafood must be different than meats or poultry, and are comforted to know it is correctly prepared according to regulation by restaurants.

Celebrity Chef

Is it possible to enjoy your selection of seafood if it was only cooked by the person who was hired with no training in specialty foods, but the extent of their training was to prepare an omelet for his brother before he left for school one morning. No, your criteria must go higher. The person who cooks your seafood must have had training at a culinary school and hopefully the better the school the more knowledge your chef will have about preparing your meal.

Dress code and Waiter Staff

Another criterion should also be that your best seafood restaurant must also be that from the first moment of contact with the restaurant, from making your reservation, being welcomed, seated, having your meal, until your meal is served and you leave after having your bill paid, is all done with a professional attitude. After all, could you expect to be satisfied with anything less?

Price for Service

One of the final criteria is the price for the service rendered in your meal. Did the seafood restaurant meet all of your criteria? If they did was it beyond your expectations? Will you still be able to enjoy your life or did you feel that the price you paid was more than the service rendered to you?

Now that you have collected together a number of essential criteria for naming your best seafood restaurant the only way to test your criteria is to locate one in your nearby area and test their service. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will enjoy your selection of service when your criteria are met.

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