How to Make a Hanger Steak Taste Expensive

I have always thought that steaks are expensive, which is why I try to stay away from them whenever I eat out. This changed during a recent visit to an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, Scarpetta. This is not a steakhouse, but their hanger steak is to die for! Best of all, it does not hurt the wallet, unlike other steaks that you can find in some fine dining establishments.

As an inexpensive cut of meat, hanger steak does not necessarily have a good reputation. Nonetheless, if you know how to cook it right, it can taste more expensive than its actual price. Keep on reading the rest of this post and uncover some of the secrets!

Make It Tender

The hanger steak is from a supporting muscle. This means that you can expect that it is already quite tender, especially when compared to those that are from active muscles. Nonetheless, there is still a simple trick to make it tender, similar to what you will enjoy when eating in the best restaurants in Nomad. This is possible by adding salt before cooking the steak. The salt will act as a natural tenderizer while also incorporating a slight flavor to the crust of the meat. It will help to break down the proteins and the muscles.

Cook it at Medium Rare

While the meat is naturally tender, the steak can be tough and chewy with prolonged exposure to dry heat, which is why it is recommended to cook it medium rare. If you cook it at any level above medium, it will be tougher to chew, despite the fact that the hanger is sourced from the part of an animal that is not overused.

Marinate the Meat

Because the meat has loose textures, it will be good to have it marinated to provide it with stronger flavors. You can marinate it in garlic and herb for about two hours before you finally sear it in the grill. A beer-marinated hanger steak will also be an excellent way to give it a more expensive taste. Chill the meat in the freezer with a dark-bodied beer and other ingredients for fuller flavor. Leave it for at least 24 hours before cooking.

Do Not Serve on Its Own

The more expensive steak cuts are best enjoyed on their own to savor the best flavors. They can be paired with the right sauces and sides, but much of the appreciation goes to the steak. With the hanger steak, on the other hand, if you want it to taste more expensive, it will be best to combine it with other ingredients. It will make an excellent ingredient for carne asada, bulgogi, or fajita. The meat itself has a strong taste allowing it to stand out even when mixed with assertive flavors.

Hanger is a part of the meat that is often left to be ground or to be taken away by the butcher. It is cheap! Nonetheless, if you follow the things that have been mentioned above, you can make it taste expensive!

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