8 Recipes you should try to cook fish

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Cooking fish can be super easy to cook if you follow these eight recipes. Moreover, these recipes can be cooked within no time. These eight recipes include recipes from Cajun salmon to Salmon cakes. Make sure to bring fresh salmon and arrange the required ingredients beforehand.

8 Recipes to cook fish you should try

  1. Baked Salmon:

First, you will need to coat the salmon with a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and spices. Then put it in the oven and bake until it is cooked or you can grill it if you have a grilling machine. Lemon will give a classic flavor to the recipe.

  1. Grilled swordfish steaks:

Coat the swordfish steaks with lemon juice, spices, and olive oil, then put them on the grilling machine for 5 minutes at medium-high heat. You can add herb butter over the cooked swordfish steaks.

  1. Salmon cakes:

Mix salmon with eggs, breadcrumbs, and spices, then give them the shape of patties. Fry it in a pan until it turns golden brown.

  1. Grilled Salmon with mango salsa:

Coat salmon with a blend of lemon juice, spices, and olive oil, then put it on the grilling machine and grill for 5 to 6 minutes on medium-high heat. To make mango salsa you will need fresh mangoes, like juice, jalapeno pepper, red onion, and cilantro. Try this grilled salmon with mango salsa for an exquisite addition to your meal.

  1. Thai curry Salmon:

Boil salmon with a mixture of red curry paste, ginger, garlic, and coconut milk. Boil until it is cooked well but make sure that you do not overcook. You can serve this dish with rice and add some extra chili peppers.

  1. Baked tilapia with parmesan crumbs:

Coat tilapia fillets with a blend of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, then put them in the microwave and bake until they turn golden brown.

  1. Pan fried trout with lemon butter sauce:

Coat the trout with flour, then fry them in a pan until they turn golden brown. Pour lemon butter sauce over the pan-fried trout.

  1. Cajun salmon:

Coat salmon with a blend of garlic powder, cajun spices, and paprika, then put it in the microwave and bake until it is flaky. To complete the dish you can serve it with rice.

To conclude, These recipes will make your day if you are a fish lover and your guests will probably lick their fingers.

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