How Vaser Lipo Can Contour Your Body In A Better Way

To breakdown fat cells with less damage to the surrounding tissue than traditional lipo, Vaser Lipo is a less invasive fat removal and body sculpting process with use of ultrasound technology. There are two methods of this procedure, among which one less non surgical process and the other for surgical for larger body areas. The best method for a person will depend on the amount of fat to be removed, area person being treated and medical history. How Does This Procedure Work To aspire out fat from the specific areas of the body, Vaser lipo uses surgical instruments which provide ultrasound movements. Than the instruments of standard lipo, the instruments of this procedure are much small in size while the procedure is less invasive. Firstly the surgeon will check whether the person is a good candidate or not, by doing a physical examination. The person will discuss what the person wants to look like and where one wants to remove the excess fat, after consultation with the doctor. Before the initiation of the procedure, surgeons will make the marks from where excess fat is likely to be removed. To numb the area of surgery, surgeons will administer local or general anesthesia where small incisions will be made, before the procedure begins. After receiving the series of injections, patients need to wait 15 to 30 minutes for it to take effect. Because it’s helpful to have the patient away during the procedure, hence surgeons will prefer local anesthesia for this procedure. After making the incisions, surgeons will insert pen like instrument called cannula, which will emit ultrasound movement as the instrument moves back and forth under the skin. This ultrasound movement dissolves the fat by breaking apart the fat cells and before excess fat is taken out. The area treated will be wrapped in a tight fitting garment for thirty six hours, as the incisions will heal on its own.

Benefits Of This Process To aspire out excess body fat, this procedure is a major improvement to tradition lipo since the normal procedure needs more invasive surgical instruments and incisions. Since this procedure uses smaller instruments, hence this procedure can reduce swelling, bruising and low risk of damaging other tissues. Patients can resume normal activities in just a few days after treatment, which is the compelling benefit of the procedure. Unlike the normal surgical process, the patients experience much less complications in the ultrasound process. Risks Of The Treatment Compared to other cosmetic processes, this ultrasound procedure is associated with minimal known risks. There are very few side effects or symptoms with the process. There can be burning with the use of ultrasound device, which generates heat to liquefy fat. Sometimes the skin looked saggy or wavy and where excess fat is removed the skin looked tightened. There is possibility of changes in pigmentation and skin discoloration after the procedure. There is also risk of development of bacterial infection from germs, which may enter at the incision at the time of procedure.

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