What are the Benefits Commercial Ovens Offer Over Household Ovens?

If you are new to the food and beverage industry, you may find yourself questioning exactly what equipment you would need in your business’s kitchen. For example, would you need a commercial oven which would eat up a sizable portion of your initial capital? Or can you utilise a household oven which not only costs less but would be familiar to you. The answer lies in determining the value of the incremental benefit that commercial ovens offer over household ovens. In this article, we explore the differences between these two types of ovens.

Setting up a commercial kitchen filled with professional Kitchen equipment will inevitably entail incurring large expenses. This can be a stifling factor for new businesses who do not have strong finances. However, the returns that equipment such as commercial ovens provide tends to be more than the sum invested.

Firstly, domestic ovens’ features are meant to cater for four to six people. As such their output of servings is much lesser per time period than commercial ovens. Simply put, they lack both the capacity and power required to churn out dishes at high volume. This places a huge limit on your operations as it could potentially form a bottle neck, thus slowing down all processes in your kitchen.

Secondly, household ovens are not built to withstand the strain incurred in heavy duty commercial kitchen cooking. They are unable to operate throughout entire days for long periods, as such prolonged usage will lead to premature malfunctioning. If this was to occur, it would jeopardise the entire business operation while also posing as a safety hazards to all occupants within the kitchen and the restaurant.

In contrast commercial ovens are built for frequent and heavy usage under demanding conditions. They can handle larger volumes of food which thus caters to the needs of professional chefs operating under a time crunch. Additionally, it would reduce the repetitive tasks that chefs are burdened with in the kitchen.

Commercial ovens also offer various performance improvements over domestic ovens. They offer more baking options and can heat food faster than their domestic counterparts. This not only boosts efficiency, but also allows for the application of more sophisticated cooking methods. It should also be noted that commercial ovens usually conform to health and safety regulations of the state. They help to minimise the risk of health hazards, which should be overlooked when operating a commercial kitchen.

Overall, it is debatable whether a domestic oven is enough for your commercial kitchen’s needs. However, if you have the same concerns as those we have listed above, it would benefit you to shop for a commercial oven. Talking to professional kitchen equipment providers will also help you to make an informed decision.

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