Modern Food Packaging Right Here

Modern horizontal packaging machines are designed for packing a wide range of food products (from sweets to bakery products), as well as for household and household products. Horizontal packing machines are used for packing three-pack “flo-pack” type packages and bags with side folds (“double flat bottom”).

The equipment performs such operations as forming a package, filling it with pieces (piece goods) and closing the package. Additional options can be applying information to the package (using a tape thermal printer), sticking labels, etc. Such Food Packaging Machines can be equipped with various sensors to control the continuity of supply or cooling plates for packaging a number of food products.

The field of application of horizontal packaging machines can be different and includes a full variety of operation – packaging of construction materials and food products, metal and plastic pipes, magazines, newspapers and other printed matter, wooden rails and large boards, linoleum, carpets, etc.

The quality of the package – the continuous winding of products of all shapes and length – provides a carefully thought out mechanism. As a rule, all packaging machines that our company offers you, can work several shifts in a row without breaks.

Today, machines for packing in packs “flow pack” are characterized by simple maintenance and the availability of automatic control systems (maintaining the welding temperature, etc.), the ability to change over to another product in a short time, with a high degree of reliability and durability. To order such equipment (wholesale party or in a single variant) you can and in the company.

Packaging and packaging – to protect products from damage, is also the most important carrier of advertising.

Packaging – the carrier of the brand symbol – the logo

Packaging design is an instrument for distinguishing a brand from a competitive environment.

In today’s world it is difficult to imagine quality goods without branded packaging; it has become an integral part of any production. Scientific and technological progress and expansion of the market led the packaging industry to the level of the world’s leading industries.

The growth trend is explained by the consumer survey, which showed that there are two main points for which they are willing to pay: health benefits, especially when it comes to food products, and the convenience of cooking-consuming-using the product.

And we are talking not only about the product itself, but also about more expensive and high-quality packaging. The number of buyers is growing, ready to pay for packaging that preserves the original properties of the product. There is a growing number of people willing to pay for a conveniently packaged product and packaging that can somehow ease the use of the product.

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