5 Clever Tips to Eating Healthy When Dining Out

Just because you’re trying to stay on a diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to eat out at a restaurant from time to time. You just need to get clever and creative about it each time you sit down at that table and start reading the menu.

Sure, there are some of the obvious things you can do, like sharing a meal with someone else or ordering only a half portion. But not all restaurants are willing to accommodate you there, and maybe your dining companion doesn’t want to share what they’re planning to order.

Some diners will even ask for their sauces and dressings on the side instead of incorporated into the meal and while this can be an effective way to cut down on your caloric intake, it doesn’t always make for an enjoyable meal in the end.

One of the biggest complaints people have about eating healthy food is that it can be so limiting and pose major challenges to even the simplest of things, like eating out for instance.

But you can take very simple steps to help you eat healthy even when you might be limited by your options when you go out to eat. Here are five things to keep in mind before you order.


With healthy nutrition becoming much more important to consumers, most restaurants are willing to make substitutions to their menu items. Even fast food chains are providing diners with healthier alternatives in lieu of foods that might be higher in fats and cholesterol.

In order to stay on your diet, substitutions might be necessary to maintain a healthy plate….and by all means, ask. One of the more popular substitution items that consumers usually ask for is vegetables or a salad. These will help to reduce your caloric intake and, if prepared properly, can offer a tasty alternative to those menu items that may not fall within the parameters of your diet plan.

Best of all, veggies aren’t just tasty they can help ward off many diseases that can negatively impact your health.

Decide on Your Meal Ahead of Time

When you’re sitting at the table reading the menu, it can be a lot easier to cheat on your diet. That’s because you’re hungry, maybe you’re tired and you just want to relax, and the restaurant may be with wonderfully enticing aromas.

These can all lead up to you ordering a meal that you probably shouldn’t be eating. But you can avoid this problem entirely by reading checking out the menu ahead of time and deciding what you want before you even show up.

Almost every restaurant posts its menu online, so this shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish. Read through all of the choices and decide on one or two items that you will plan to order once you arrive. This way you are well-prepared to keep eating healthy even when you’re out at a restaurant.

Get Plenty of Water

One area where you can really cut out the sugars and reduce your caloric intake is the drink you order. Skip the sodas and sugary juices and just go with nice, fresh, clean water. You should have some before you eat and during the meal. Drinking water can help you lose weight by helping you lower the amount of food you eat at the dinner table.

Plus, it’s great for staying hydrated which is also beneficial to the body as that can ensure that all of your body’s vital internal systems are working properly so you feel great!

Avoid Alcohol

This one might be tough for some of you, but it will help you out in the long run. Beer, wine, and mixed cocktails can severely increase the amount of calories you ingest while you’re eating.

Some drinks have as many calories as a piece of cake or a candy bar and you don’t need that kind of impact on your body, especially after how hard you’ve been working to maintain your diet.

If you absolutely must imbibe, limit your amounts to smaller sizes and only one or two portions. For cocktails, see if you can sugar-free mixers instead.

Speaking of “Sugar-Free”

Be careful about buzzwords that have the word “free” in them as they may not all actually be what they claim. Some of the more popular labels like sugar-free and gluten-free might sound like they provide a healthy meal but in reality they do not.

So the next time you hit the deli huntington ny, ask if they have healthy options and read the labels carefully to see if what it says on the package is true.


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