Slap Yer Cheeks Hot Sauce & Other Spicy Options

If you like life on the spicy side, then travel no further than your computer to order some cheek-slapping hot sauce. You don’t have to live in the sweltering heat of the Big Easy to get New Orleans spice firing up your life. In fact, feeling the heat is now easier than ever. 

Whether you like to shake your hot sauce into your homemade chili or soup, set your life on fire with sauces, salsa, and snack favorites today. With just one click, you can ignite your palate with Slap Yer Cheeks Hot Sauce and other spicy options that will have you reaching for a tall glass of ice-cold milk. 

A Wide Variety 

Try My Nuts gives you a wide variety of spicy solutions to choose from for all your lip-smacking needs. We have the perfect taste for everyone’s fiery preferences. Plus, there are so many ways you can use our Slap Yer Cheeks Hot Sauce instead of just sprinkling it onto your food for that extra heat. 

Add It To Your Barbeque Sauces

You might love homemade barbeque sauce. Who doesn’t? It goes perfectly on chicken, burgers, and even as a side dip for your favorite appetizers. But what could make your BBQ sauce go to the next level? 

You guessed it. Slap Yer Cheeks Hot Sauce and other saucy, spicy solutions can add the perfect amount of heat to your next backyard BBQ bash. Plus, BBQ sauce with a splash of heat can be used as the sauce base on your favorite chicken pizza. Turn up the heat on all your future parties and events and find new and creative recipes for gum-smacking hot sauce today. 

Spice Up Your Salsa 

Salsa makes the perfect snack when paired with some tangy tortilla chips. And salsa is a great topping for all your favorites, like taco platters, nachos supreme, and burritos bigger than your head. However, salsa can sometimes use an extra nudge to take it to the next level. That’s where hot sauce can be the perfect solution for all your salsa troubles. 

Try Slap Yer Cheeks Hot Sauce and other spicy sauces on top of or mixed into your favorite salsa. Blue Crab Salsa can be a one-of-a-kind solution to all your taste buds’ dreams as well.

A Heat Setting for Everyone

There is a heat setting for everyone. Whether you like your face to tingle or burn, there are hot sauce, salsa, and snack options in store for you and your friends. 

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