Why is Tequila the Best Drink in the World?

Since the beginning of time and humanity, or better said, when people discovered that fermenting fruits and vegetable can give them amazing alcoholic beverages, humans distilled some kind of alcohol.

In the Middle Americas, the most popular of them all is Tequila. It is a drink that is made from the fruit Agave, which is proven to have a ton of health benefits aside from being a tasteful feast. See http://www.tequilareviews.com/riazul/ for a deeper insight into this drink.

In addition, you can see some of the most important reasons why people think this is the best drink in the world.

It tastes great

Vodka is made of potatoes. Wine is made from grapes. Whiskey is made of grain. Tequila is made of the fruit Agave which can be found in Mexico and Middle America. This is why its taste is very exotic and the flavor is full.

If you ask many people about what their favorite drink is, they’ll tell you it’s this one. Why? Because it is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter how it is served. As a shot with salt and lime, in cocktails, or just as plain alcohol in a glass. It’s great.

Can be used for a ton of cocktails

There are countless numbers of cocktails which you can use tequila as the main ingredient. Some are made very strong, and others taste like juice but there’s still an amount of alcohol inside.

Some of the most popular that you probably heard of are Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, El Diablo, and others. They are all combined with other triple-sec, siders, juices, but also hot sauces and other ingredients to create an amazing experience and taste. See more about how they are prepared on this link.

Since this is a product coming from an area of the world where people respect sharp tastes and the population, in general, is hot and flamed, it’s pretty normal that the cocktails remind of their behavior and attitude.

You can lose weight with it

They say that by 2030, half of the population on the planet will be overweight. The type of food we eat and the lifestyle we have are normal to make us obese. This is why lots of people are doing their best to lose some weight and they try lots of different ways. They abandon certain types of food and nutritionists suggest no alcohol too.

However, the main ingredient here is agave. The agave is such a plant that has lots of health beneficial features. One of them is that it is perfect for burning the fat in our body. In other words, if you can’t do without at least one drink per day, then choose tequila as your option.

Also, it is well known that it acts as a cholesterol regulator. We know that obesity and cholesterol almost always go together, so you can splash two problems with one solution.

Acts like a sleeping pill

Even though all alcohol creates a swirl in our brain, this one is a little different because of one other thing – relaxation. The ingredients inside are proven to calm the nerves which means it will make you relaxed and without worries.

If you have trouble sleeping or you want to relax your muscles, you need to take a shot of tequila an hour before going to bed. This will make sure your body falls into the state you want. You’ll fall asleep faster and you’ll experience a much better and quality dream. See more on the link about the benefits of the agave: https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/agave-nectar-vs-honey.


All these things tell you why this drink is the number one in the world. It’s not just the party label that it has wrapped around itself, but more as the whole package.

If you want to have fun, it is here for you. If you want to work on yourself, it is here again. If you want to relax and feel peaceful, you got it – tequila.

It’s clear why so many artists dedicated some part of their work on this. Songs, lyrics, paintings, books, you can find some amazing art connected to this amazing beverage. They can’t all be wrong, right?

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