Tips for Cooking Steak at Home

Eating steak in a top-rated restaurant in Atlanta, such as at American Cut Steakhouse, is a mouthwatering experience that every foodie should not miss. The quality of the meat is superb, and the flavor is surely hard to rival. It is my favorite steakhouse, and thus, I have tried several times to recreate their steaks at home. Although I must admit that I was not able to copy their recipe, I learned a thing or two about how to make the perfect steak at home, even if you are not a seasoned chef.

Find the Right Cut

When you eat in some of the finest restaurants in Buckhead, Atlanta that serve mouthwatering steaks, you will see that they use the best cuts that are available, which is why their steaks are so expensive. At home, you do not necessarily need to spend a fortune. If you want to cook delicious meats without spending too much, hanger steak or skirt steak will be the best choice. They are easy on the pocket, yet the flavor is not compromised.

Find the Right Meat

Aside from the cut, the right meat is another important consideration to help you cook the perfect steak. You should understand the terminologies. For instance, if it is labeled Prime Meat, it means that it has a great deal of fattiness that makes it more delicious. Meanwhile, Dry-Aged Meat means that it is stored in a climate-controlled environment to preserve the enzyme and make the flavor more complex. The meat should also be from young cow and tender parts.

Pair it with the Right Oil

The oil used when cooking a steak is one thing ignored by many people. According to Gordon Ramsay, the best to use is groundnut oil. It has the ability to withstand even extreme temperature without being burnt. It is also mild, which means that it won’t end up overpowering the natural flavors of the meat. You should also make sure that the oil is spread evenly, whether on the pan or applied directly to your meat.

Over-Season the Meat

This is one thing that most people will be afraid of doing. However, this is better than not having enough seasoning. Salt is the most popular choice of seasoning. As an alternative, you can also use pepper. The seasoning is important for searing the crust. Do not be afraid that this will alter most of the flavor of the meat. Most of the high-quality red meats will be able to withstand over-seasoning.

Master the Cooking Techniques

There are several methods to cook steaks depending on your personal preferences. A popular choice is a reverse sear, which will start by cooking the steak in the oven and finish by having it seared. You can also choose to cook it through the 4-3-2 method, which involves the need to cook it on a hot dry pan for four minutes, flip to cook the other side for three minutes, and finally, allow it to rest for two minutes. This will work best for a boneless meat.

Cooking the perfect steak is a science that anyone can learn. Keep in mind the things mentioned above and you will be able to cook your meat perfectly as if it has been done by an experienced chef!

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